About Us

 Tyrone Nesby is an outstanding guy who loves to help kids push themselves to their highest potential. Tyrone was born in Cairo, Illinois, the youngest of 14 kids. He graduated high school in 1994 from Cairo High School.

After high school he went to Vincennes University, where he earned an Associates degree then went on to UNLV and earned a Bachelors in Criminal Justice. He then played in the NBA for 4 years. He played 2 years with the Los Angeles Clippers (1999-2000) and 2 years with the Washington Wizards (2000-2002) along side Michael Jordan.

Then he played in Europe for 5 years in Italy, Greece, Serbia and Lithuania. During the off season,  he held basketball fundamental and player development camps, 3-on-3 tournaments, private training, tru-dream camp , little crew camp  and was a guest speaker at schools for over 10 years in Las Vegas. He has traveled throughout the US and the world. This is a great opportunity for him to give back to kids who are looking to be the best in basketball. His professional background  experiences will be a rare and invaluable asset to those who participate in activities held by Nesb Sports.

                        Nesb Sports strives to carry out its mission by upholding its values:

*Mutual respect for each other, and a commitment to excellence, innovation, integrity and quality in everything we do.

*Providing exclusive training by a professional athlete Promoting teamwork and player development through basketball camps, clinics, tournaments and private training

 *Being proactive and accountable in carrying out our mission.

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